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Membership and General Information

Energy Commission meetings are open to the public.  They are held on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month, at 6 PM, at the Town Hall,  in the 2nd Floor Conference Room.


Meeting Minutes and Agendas:


Our Mission:  

.. is to help Windham residents and businesses ..

  • Save Energy
  • Save money
  • Lower our carbon footprint
  • Guide to Resources
  • Guide to Rebates
  • Advise on options
  • Analyze and document progress
  • Increase energy independence
  • Plan for our future
  • Help Windham become a resilient community

The roles and responsibilities of the Commission are set forth in Town Ordinance 2488 (Energy Com.ord2488):

There shall be a Town of Windham Energy Commission for the promotion of energy efficiency, conservation, alternative energy in the Town of Windham, with the overall goal of planning and executing a path to a sustainable energy future.

The Commission shall have the following enumerated powers and duties, and all powers and duties necessarily implied to accomplish these enumerated powers and duties:

(a)  To research and review the energy usage of the Town, both the municipal corporation and the community.

(b)  To recommend energy production and conservation policies and practices for the Town.  In this regard, the Commission shall evaluate and report to the Town Council about the feasibility of the Town of Windham creating its own municipal utility for the distribution of electricity and/or aggregating energy demand and using brokers or other facilitators to provide least cost energy to meet that aggregated demand.

(c)  To appear at hearings, meetings, and forums to comment upon and submit information relating to energy production and conservation within the Town.

(d)  On behalf of the Town, to apply for grants to execute the purposes of the Commission.

(e)  To prepare and periodically update Strategic and Action Plans for Energy Conservation, Efficiency, and Production within the Town, and to present those Plans to all appropriate persons and bodies.  Such Plans shall include, but not be limited to, performance baselines, benchmarks, and targets to enable the Town Council to evaluate and track the effectiveness of energy initiatives.

(f)  To monitor local, regional, national, and international trends in energy usage, conservation, efficiency, and production that may be instructive for the Town in helping it lower costs, minimize waste, and minimize fossil fuel emissions.

For current membership and meetings, please see the Energy Commission page on the Town of Windham’s web site.